A glimpse into what Club Geca has to offer:

Advanced Aesthetics Technology: Say goodbye to traditional approaches and embrace the future of beauty. Club Geca brings you a range of next-generation technologies, including non-invasive skin rejuvenation and body contouring solutions. These breakthrough techniques ensure exceptional results with minimal discomfort and downtime.

Personalized Beauty Journeys: Your beauty goals are unique, and so should your treatment plan. With Club Geca, our team of expert aestheticians will create a customized roadmap tailored specifically to your requirements. Through comprehensive consultations and ongoing assessments, we will work together to achieve your desired outcomes effectively.

Priority Access and Exclusive Benefits: As a Club Geca member, you will enjoy privileged access to our services. This includes priority scheduling for appointments, early access to new treatments, and exclusive member-only events. We value your loyalty, and Club Geca is our way of expressing our gratitude for being a part of the Geca Aesthetics family.


Body Contouring Package

$599 a month, 3 month minimum commitment required

Facial Rejuvenation Package

$599 a month, 3 month minimum commitment required

Membership Agreement

This membership agreement ("Agreement") is made and entered into between Geca Aesthetics, located at 3032 University Parkway, Sarasota,
FL 34243 ("Geca Aesthetics"), and the individual named below ("Member") to establish membership in Club Geca ("Membership").

Membership description

a. Club Geca is an exclusive membership program offered by Geca Aesthetics.

b. The membership provides access to aesthetics sessions as determined by Geca Aesthetics.

c. The member may choose between two separate and distinct packages: facial rejuvenation or body contouring.

d. The membership fee of $599 for one month covers one package (facial rejuvenation or body contouring). If the member wishes to use both packages in the same month, the cost will be $1,198.00.

Membership Terms and Fees

a. The membership shall have an initial term of three (3) months, beginning on the effective date of this agreement ("commencement date").

b. The monthly membership fee for Club Geca is $599 for one package and $1,198.00 for both packages, payable in advance.

c. The member agrees to have the monthly membership fee automatically billed to the credit card provided by the member through Square or any other authorized payment processor selected by Geca Aesthetics.

d. The member understands and agrees that additional fees may be for certain machines used during aesthetics sessions. These fees cover the cost
of replacement parts specific to the ember's use. The additional fee for each use of the following elements is $35: 49 Pins, 16 Pins, needling tip, and 64 dots.

Aesthetics Sessions

a. The member is entitled to eight monthly aesthetics sessions as determined by Geca Aesthetics.

b. The member acknowledges and understands that the aesthetics sessions' results may vary and depend on various factors, including individual
physiology and compliance with recommended treatments and aftercare.

c. The Member agrees to follow all instructions provided by Geca Aesthetics before, during, and after each aesthetics session to maximize the
potential benefits and minimize the risks associated with the treatments.

Release and Hold Harmless

a. The member acknowledges and understands that using Geca Aesthetics' facilities, treatments, products, and opinions involves inherent risks.

b. The member voluntarily assumes all risks associated with the membership, including but not limited to any potential injury, allergic reactions,
or adverse effects arising from treatments received or products used at Geca Aesthetics.

c. To the fullest extent permitted by law, the member at this moment releases, discharges, and holds harmless Geca Aesthetics, its officers,
directors, employees, agents, and affiliates from all liability, claims, demands, actions, or causes of action arising
out of or related to the membership, treatments, services, or opinions given and acted upon by the member.

Waiver of Liability

The member acknowledges that they have read and understood the waiver of liability provided separately by Geca Aesthetics and agrees to
its terms and conditions. The waiver of liability is incorporated into this agreement by reference.

Intellectual Property

a. The member acknowledges that all intellectual property rights, including but not limited to trademarks, copyrights, and trade secrets, associated
with Geca Aesthetics and Club Geca, are the sole property of Geca Aesthetics.

b. The member shall not reproduce, distribute, modify, or use any Geca Aesthetics' intellectual property without written consent.


a. Either party may terminate this agreement by providing written notice to the other party at least thirty (30) days before the desired termination date.

b. In the event of termination, the member shall remain responsible for any outstanding fees owed to Geca Aesthetics up to the termination date. Governing law and jurisdiction

This agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Florida. Any disputes arising under or in connection with this
the agreement shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the state and federal courts in Florida.

Entire Agreement

This agreement constitutes the entire agreement between Geca Aesthetics and the member, superseding any prior agreements or understandings
relating to the membership, whether written or oral. By signing below, the member acknowledges that they have read, understood, and agree to the terms and conditions of this Membership Agreement.